User Testimonials

We are pleased to share with you actual testimonials of TNP users. Over the years we have been impressed with the variety of uses our customers find for TNP. This page is dedicated to our customers and their stories. If you have an interesting use of TNP you would like to share with the community, please send it to

"I use TNP in my environmental consulting business. It is an invaluable tool that enables me to highlight and pinpoint a specific street address where I perform environmental cleanup operations and send the map to the NJDEP along with the rest of the final report."

Joe M., Environmental Consulting
"I use TNP to map, collect data, and manage a 600 acre tree farm. I map trails, gates, culverts, boundaries, and other points of interest, and am able to import GIS data created by my forester …delineating timber stands and other features. The screenshot below looks very busy but I usually filter out layers I don't need. I find TNP is easy to use, much more cost effective than ARCgis for a personal user like myself, and it works well to collect data from various sources. I've been using the p"...

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Skip F.
"Terrain Navigator is extremely valuable to us in Search and Rescue. We use it for training our k9's and humans as we can put in areas that must be searched and completely covered. We train people how to put in coordinates/waypoints into their GPS (or load it from our TN for them) and then the person and k9 go out and completely cover the area to see if anyone is there. This is exactly what we do on searches and afterwards we download the tracks into the TN map system and we can see exactly what "...

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Lori O.
"I have been using TN for more than 10 years and it keeps getting better and my maps are getting correspondingly better."

Russ R., Certified Forester and Real Estate Broker
"I use TNP and my previous version, TNS, as visual aids in complaints I have field with federal and State of California agencies vested with oversight of salmonid anadromous fish listed under the federal Endangered Species Acts and suspected violation of the California Fish and Game Code, Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plan and the like."

Robert Z.
"I have used Terrain Navigator Pro for many years and found it to be an invaluable tool in my real estate appraisal business. A large part of my real estate appraisal work involves appraising improved and vacant large acreage tracts in the mountains of western North Carolina. Terrain Navigator makes it much easier for me to both find the general ownership lines for the properties that I’m appraising and plot and find the location of the sales of properties that I have chosen to use as compariso"...

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Richard J., MAI
"I am a retired Geological Cartographer but I am still involved in field work. I am using TNP in the field to map the geology of an area. First I prepare the map in TNP on my laptop at home and export the map to my GIS program. I also export a jpg image of the map and transfer it to my iPad. I am using the iPad in the field to map directly on the screen using a stylus and record sample stations from the GPS. I am working in very remote areas and most of the time I am hundreds of miles from the ne"...

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Alfred S., Geological Cartographer
"I have been using Terrain Navigator Pro since 2005.

The TNP software is the best- It's the top of the line of recreational mapping software and venturing into the realm of professional surveying software. I found the price more than reasonable for the quality of product received.

I have completed several volunteer projects using TNP and I have received awards for those projects. You will find letters of reference to those events attached. Two particular projects would have b"...

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Carl K.
"I own and use GPS on all hunting, snowmobile, moose, and bear hunting trips, coyote hunting trips. When I get home I print them on my computer off of Terrain Navigator in color to show clients for future trips."

Bill B., NH Guide
"We are a volunteer Canine Search/Rescue group. We carry a laptop and portable printer in one of the vehicles...running from an inverter, using Terrain Navigator Pro to generate local maps on-site for searches, and to gather GPS tracks from the individual teams to ensure that all areas have been covered. Alerts and clues found are also way-pointed, to provide more information to the Incident Command in directing the search."

Mike M., Canine Alert Search Teams
"My wife and I have the strange hobby of going out searching in the field for both NGS stations (described below) and the BLM marks. I can click on the BLM orange corners to create BMs in your application. I then down load the coordinate file to an Excel spreadsheet to determine the 1/2 ways along the lines for coordinates of 1/4 section corners. I upload the 1/4 corner coordinates to you application. Then I download the entire coordinate file for an area to my Lowrance iFinder GPS device. Gets u"...

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Evans R., Recreational User
"We are using TNP for documenting searches and training for wilderness search and rescue in central Idaho."

David L.
"[From] an article I published in the Bulletin of the Mass. Archaeological Society. It is a study of astronomically aligned features in and around a wetland. TNP was an important tool in my work. I use it constantly in my work supporting Indian tribal efforts to preserve ancient ceremonial places."

Tim F., Massachusetts Archaeological Society