Terrain Navigator Pro Demo

This fully-functional version of Terrain Navigator Pro includes maps and related data for Marble, CO. This area also includes access to color aerial photo maps (via web download) at 1:12,000 scale. Please note that while these photos are representative of areas throughout the US, other updated photos and alternate editions are often available. For additional information, please see this article.

Features Not Included

The demo version can not be used in conjunction with the TNP mobile app (for iPhone/Android) as a registration account is required for the cloud-based synchronization of project data.

Additional Download During Install

In order to streamline the installation process, this demo version will be downloaded in many parts. The first part is downloaded at the link below. The other components will be downloaded automatically during the setup process.

Note that if the Internet is unavailable during the setup process, this demo will not install. If you wish to install this demo on a PC that does not have Internet access, then please contact MyTopo for a free DVD containing this demo.

Terrain Navigator Pro Compatibility

Please note that this demo edition of Terrain Navigator Pro can not be installed on machines that are already running previous, or current editions of the product.

How To Install

Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading and applying software patches, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save. Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded application that appears on your Desktop. This will install this application. Once that process is completed, you may run the application and delete the download from your Desktop.

Requires Windows: XP, Vista, 7 or 8; Can not be installed simultaneously with "purchased" editions of Terrain Navigator Pro. Internet connection required during setup process.